Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easy Mexican Taco Meat!

It is nearly 80 degrees here in MI.  Its the first nice day all spring.  Since our grill is still  tucked away in the garage I decided that a lovely Taco Salad would be a great lunch for Papie and I. This Taco meat is similar to the original Tex Mex Taco Meat my mother in law makes  however, I cheat by using package taco meat seasoning instead of buying all the individual spices.

Heat skillet with oil and add one small yellow onion

When onion starts to get translucent add 1 lbs of ground beef.  I prefer ground round or sirloin because its leaner than ground beef or chuck.

When meat is browned add one roma tomato.  I used cherry tomatos this time because thats all I had on hand but any small to med size tomato will work.

When tomatos start to get tender add about 4 table spoons of taco seasoning.  Add less or more depending on your taste buds.

Let saute for 10 min so flavors will intensify into meat.

Use this meat for Nachos, Taco's or in a Taco Salad!

Love CWH

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